Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment In Williamsburg NY

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Getting a root canal does not have to be a painful and traumatic experience. Dr. Yelena Vaynshteyn wants you to know that. If you experience pain, sensitivity, or swollen gums, please contact Yelena Vaynshteyn DDS in Williamsburg, NY.

A root canal may not be necessary if you receive early treatment, however, if one is necessary, the procedure will be comfortable and painless. An endodontic procedure that removes soft tissue in the tooth is known as a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment In Williamsburg NY

What is a root canal?

Located in the center of the tooth are blood vessels and nerves that comprise the soft tissue known as pulp. In most cases, the pulp is protected from bacteria by hard enamel surrounding it. Bacteria can enter the pulp of the tooth when the enamel is damaged or broken by tooth decay or injury. That is the case when root canal therapy is necessary since the infected pulp cannot heal by itself.

Patients with an infected nerve or an abscessed gum typically discover they need a root canal as a result of severe pain. You may also require a root canal if you are suffering from the following conditions: sensitivity to hot or cold substances, tooth discoloration, tender gums, pimple or bump on the gum, swollen gums, constant toothache.

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How is a root canal performed?

This serves as a support for the tooth's structure.

In addition to removing all of the pulp and infection from the inside of the tooth, a root canal is also meant to keep the tooth canal completely clean and free of bacteria. Dr. Vaynshteyn uses specially designed dental instruments to remove the infected soft tissue from the pulp by cutting through the enamel. A rubbery substance is used to fill the canals after cleaning them.

The small opening in the tooth may be covered with a natural-looking filling if the tooth is in good condition. It is possible, however, to restore the strength and appearance of a tooth that has developed an infection due to a decayed or broken tooth by placing a dental crown.

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How long does a root canal preserve the health of your teeth?

In the event of a root canal, the tooth can last a lifetime, but a variety of complications may arise that require treatment. Whether you have a crown or a natural tooth, the tooth may chip or crack later in life. Additionally, the tooth will be more susceptible to damage in the future because it no longer contains living tissue when the pulp is removed.

For a treated tooth to last a long time, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. An annual dental examination is necessary in order to ensure that plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth and to ensure that no problems are present.