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Williamsburg Emergency Dentist Yelena Vaynshteyn DDS

Whenever you are experiencing an emergency dental situation, Dr. Vaynshteyn is available to assist.
Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kate Vaynshteyn in case of an emergency dental situation. She offers expedited emergency treatment at her practice. You can rely on advanced technology to keep you comfortable, fast treatment to relieve pain, and the support of a knowledgeable team to ease your anxieties when seeking Long Island emergency dental care.

She and her team are dedicated to providing compassionate and gentle dental care. During an emergency, you can expect to receive the same exceptional level of care, but with an emphasis on delivering relief to your pain as quickly as possible and preventing dental damage.

Emergency Dental Care Williamsburg NY

When should you call Williamsburg NY emergency dentists for urgent dental care?

When you experience pain, you should consider it a dental emergency and contact Dr. Vaynshteyn immediately. Frequently, by the time you experience dental pain, an infection has already spread to the bone or the tooth may have been damaged. Getting treatment for dental problems as soon as possible minimizes the damage and preserves teeth.

Dr. Vaynshteyn may prescribe temporary but effective solutions, such as a temporary crown, to protect the damaged tooth in an emergency. In most cases, however, she completes the treatment right away. To save a tooth, it is imperative to place a lost tooth back into its socket as soon as possible.

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Why should you call Dr. Vaynshteyn for a emergency dentist?

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you experience a dental problem. We will assess your condition promptly and inform you of our recommendations.

Call Dr. Vaynshteyn immediately if any member of your family experiences the following symptoms:

• Swelling and/or pain;
• Teeth that have been knocked out;
• A chipped or cracked tooth;
• Teethache;
• Bleeding tongue or lips caused by biting;
• Brace wires that have come loose;
• Fillings or crowns that have fallen out.

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When faced with a dental emergency at home, what steps should you take?

Knocked-out tooth: Quick action at home can help save the tooth. Keeping the tooth moist is of paramount importance. If a tooth is dirty, you should gently rinse it, but avoid rubbing it or removing tissue fragments attached to it.

Replace the tooth as soon as possible in its socket, taking care not to damage the root. Alternatively, you may place it between your cheek and gums or wrap it in a clean cloth soaked in milk or salt water, and go to the dentist immediately.