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Is it important to have dental checkups twice a year?
The prevention of major dental problems can be achieved by having a dental checkup every six months. Generally, dental issues do not cause pain until they have advanced since they do not show symptoms until advanced stages. When you catch them early, you will avoid the need for root canal treatment or the risk of losing your teeth from advanced gum disease.

It is important to maintain your teeth in good condition in order to maintain your general health. If your teeth are damaged or misaligned, you cannot eat properly. Dental conditions are frequently associated with chronic health issues. An infection of the gums may increase the risk of heart disease or aggravate existing coronary artery disease. Patients with diabetes may have difficulty controlling blood sugar levels if bacteria from gum disease are present.

Dental Checkup in Williamsburg NY

Throughout her dental services, including dental checkups, Dr. Yelena Vaynshteyn demonstrates her expertise in dentistry.

My Willliamsburg Dental recommends twice-yearly dental examinations as a means to prevent undiscovered dental conditions from becoming serious problems that can cause pain and result in tooth loss. Make sure you schedule your dental examinations on a regular basis. We are happy to assist you in maintaining excellent dental health.

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A dental checkup consists of what services?

An examination by a dental hygienist involves a complete checkup of your teeth, gums, and teeth, as well as cleaning and polishing and answering any questions you may have regarding your daily oral care routine. If the dental hygienist sees any troublesome areas, she may take an X-ray, depending on when your last X-ray was and how long has passed since the last one.

A thorough oral examination will be conducted by Dr. Vaynshteyn. You already know she will probe your teeth and gums, but you may not realize that she will examine the interior of your mouth as well, including your tongue, cheeks, and roof. During her examination, she looks for signs of tooth grinding or temporomandibular joint problems. As well as checking for signs of oral cancer and systemic diseases that can manifest in the mouth, she will also check for signs of oral cancer.

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How comfortable is your checkup?

The staff and Dr. Yelena Vaynshteyn understand that many people experience significant anxiety when visiting their dentist. They respect each person's unique needs and welcome the opportunity to hear about your concerns and fears in order to provide you with assistance.

With the intention of reducing dental anxiety, Dr. Vaynshteyn has installed advanced technology at his office, including the following:
  • Chairs that provide therapeutic massage
  • The Magic Wand allows for painless injections
  • Dental cavity detection using the DIAGNOdent laser
  • Less radiation exposure with digital X-rays